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this builds freshly from earlier work done in the original LEARNOMETER project back in 2006

LEARNOMETER has been a remarkable research project for us - and the insights it has given have been so powerful, have helped make such a difference to the task of making learning better, and have offered us so many surprises that we have now decided to make the tool available as cheaply as we can to everyone, with a cloud based data set to add comparative insights. Hopefully, that is a useful contribution...

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To learn well is complex. Alongside the hard work, the pedagogy, collegiality, passion, delight, knowledge, joy, engagement and more there is the detail of physical learning spaces themselves.

And within those spaces a mix of physical parameters can make the difference between dozy disconnection and bright eyed passion.

The LEARNOMETER research project has sought to build something of an algorithm for learning. Alongside data from the students' own views about their learning experiences we have built a clever little box to measure, and report back on, a wide range of physical variables that we know are important to learning:

  • light levels;
  • temperature;
  • sound volumes & rhythms;
  • humidity;
  • air pollution;
  • CO2
  • air pressure...

LEARNOMETER will give you the ability to log, view, compare with others (ie with other parts of your learning institution, with other institutions worldwide, with other academic years, against other seasons...) all through the LEARNOMETER cloud. You can then analyse these physical parameters. If you're serious about better learning, these insights help you to attain it. And there are plenty of activities you can do now, to add insights right away.


The team are pretty excited about our little LEARNOMETERS and this whole exploration of the physical learning environment:

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The LEARNOMETER team consists of:

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