pillars the learnometer project

Back in 2006 as part of a dialogue with the World Bank a group of three of us undertook to explore what measures we might have for Learning. At that point the World Bank effectively only had one reliable measure whch was, simply, how much they had spent. If you spent twice as much, then surely learning would be twice as good? I think everyone knew that wasn't useful...

you can find all the outputs from that original Learnometer work here - and it makes for an interesting read - it included a detailed analysis of a lot of politicians speeches worldwide, to see what they were seeking from learning - it proved to be a pretty eclectic mix, wildly so.

However, for the 2014 BETT Show in London, 8 years later, we returned once again to the challenge of measuring learning effectively: what might an algorithm for good learning be like? how could we quantify something relatively intangible? How might students and teachers know that good learning was going on? and more


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